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Gangaextension - How it works ?

The Jupyter Notebook is a web based application that follows a client-server architecture, it mainly comprises of three different parts,

The gangaextension also comprises of three differnet parts,

Frontend Extension

A front-end extension is a JavaScript file that defines an AMD module which exposes at least a function called load_ipython_extension. The frontend extension used for this project have two seperate parts,

Kernel Extension

Server Extension

Jupyter Notebook server extensions is a Python module that loads when the Notebook web server application starts. It creates a Ganga Session which picks and monitors the Job submitted in other Ganga Sessions running in Notebook’s kernel. This extension also creates an API which sends live status of all Ganga Jobs. For SWAN another handler is created in server extension which renders the Ganga Jobs tab in SWAN.

Following diagram illustrate how all the componenets of extension interact each other.

extension_diagram 1 link for this diagram: